Dienstag, 17. April 2012

Stop internal E-mails in first place

How to prevent you from redundant matter processing

The basic idea of the "stop e-mail"  concept is to prevent users from getting too many of them.
We know of companies having stopped allowing internal e-mails as those produce an impact to the personal performance of people as well as to the whole organization. E-mails keep people stay continuously monitor there personal mailbox. Bring your own device BYOD, even produces more stress as people mix business and personal time for consuming e-mails. Why do people send emails to so many recipients anyway?

Stop emails

 In 2012 some companies have detected that more e-mails arrive than people can process, some already noticed this in the last century. To stop the overload again some companies just stop the exhaustive flood from internal accounts by not allowing internal e-mails. 
Managers say: "pick up the phone" and as taken from the Biography of Steve Jobs: "People should meet". This is true, but just helps to some extend. 
A real solution should take care of any work-item before it is posted internal or external or at least before it reaches one or even several users mailboxes. The technology is already present, but people have to change there way of working. E-mail is basically a good technology to work from any location but cloud computing opens the gate to solutions that provide shared collaboration on work-items from anywhere.

Cloud is a good place for teamwork

Brand`s Mill provides a cloud based team software service: brand` mill cloud service. This ''Software as a Service'' supports a concept preventing people from getting too many e-mails serving a collaboration platform:
The "less e-mails" concept via brand's mill service is based on a universal mailbox for team collaboration. The cloud based team mailbox serves work-items to many users and as soon as one of the recipients opens one, this one will be removed from the other users mailbox. 
This ''prevents the organization from redundant matter processing''.
The development team puts lots of effort in permanently extending the work items that can be removed from the companies mailbox users. Today the service already takes care of typical office matters from notes, minutes to documents, spreadsheets, presentations up to accounting and order processing and even project management. 

Yes you may reduce the flood of daily e-mails and get hold on all the work but you need a team concept - we prefer to suggest using starting to change things by adapting the brand's mill service  for your business.

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