Montag, 25. Februar 2013

Google Drive: Solution for writing a business letter with Google Docs

brand's mill provides a collaborative tool to share your customer address base within your organization. Synchonized with Google Contatcs, this is the place to start collaborating on people related processes.

The service enables a Google Drive integrated solution to create and manage Google Drive Files. This is new: a selected address is placed in a business letter while creating it. A great solution that quickly sets up a letter you have to write:

This feature is for "free fair use" and may be subscribed to on

IMPORTEND TO NOTICE: You need to give brand's mill a trusted permission to created and operate on Google Drive items. Google will not allow a service like this to access any Data that has not been created using this service. Your manually created Documents are not related and searchable for this service. brand's mill  is using a system folder that may be shared to all your organization members.

Backup: While this service is based on Google Drive all Documents stored can be synchronized with mobile devices and your in house servers if required.

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